Feb 19, 2021: Introducing Trends in Viable!

New! Trends: See what your customers are talking about most

You can now see which topics are mentioned most often in your customer feedback data and how they trend over time. We automatically graph most mentioned topics by week.

You'll also see trending topics by dimension: positive or negative sentiment, feature requests, frustrating, delightful, confusing, disappointing, or worrying.

Answers are now more on-target

We’re constantly tinkering with the AI model in Viable to provide the best possible answers to your questions. We’ve refined answers to be more targeted to each question. You might even say our model acknowledges your question better.

Set up a “Zap” via Zapier to add more data for analysis

Want to add a dataset not currently in Zendesk to Viable? If it’s in an app supported by Zapier and you have a Zapier account, you can add it by following the instructions in our Zapier set-up guide.

Other improvements

Our new animation gives you a better sense of what’s happening after you ask a question—and it’s a little nicer to look at as our system prepares your answer.

February 5, 2021: Activity feed, faster Slack, auto-gen text blocked

Get insights into questions previously asked and answered

The new Activity feed shows questions (and their answers) previously asked by you and your colleagues. Compare answers and spot patterns.

Automated response text now excluded

Auto-generated phrases in support tickets such as chat ended will now be  filtered out at ingest to improve data import.

Other improvements

The Slack integration (@Viable) responds much faster now. Get your questions answered without leaving your Slack space.

January 22, 2021: view answer tags & block automated tickets

View tags used to generate answers

For every question, the tags used to create the answer now auto-populate under filters for your reference.

It helps as you dig deeper by topic.

Other improvements

Auto-generated tickets can now be filtered out by email address.

Bug fixes

Import progress box will now disappear when the import is complete.

January 14, 2021: threaded replies, Zapier, & Slack feature

Below are improvements we’ve made this week.

Threaded messages now included in data import

Viable now imports all the text embedded in support ticket threaded replies. 

Submit questions and get responses via Slack

You can now set up Viable to ask questions and get answers directly in Slack.

Get insights from customer feedback without leaving your Slack space.

Zapier now available for integration 

We added a Zapier integration for sending customer feedback data to Viable from your Zapier-enabled apps. 

For example, for customer service Twitter @ mentions, you can set up a Zap to automatically import those tweets into Viable.

You can then query the data in Viable.

More on Twitter Zaps specifically.

Email signatures and email chains now scrubbed at import

We’ve dialed up our data scrubbers to reduce “noise.” We won't tag:

  • Email signatures, e.g. “Sent from my iPhone” that appear in tickets
  • Repeated text in an email or message chain
  • Data points that are 10 characters or less (e.g. “thank you”)

Other improvements

Data ingestion progress bar now updates in real time.