Find unexpected paths to connect with your customers.

Viable helps you unlock a goldmine of new data and customer insight—from the info you already collect.


Insights from everywhere

No matter where your feedback comes from, Viable makes it all uniform, so you can analyze data in multiple formats with one search.

Spend your time with the segments that make an impact

With your qualitative feedback turned into data you can query, you’ll have a clearer picture of the folks you’re really reaching—and those you’re trying to reach.

Ask your data a question with super-smart AI

Natural language processing actually learns the sentiments and opinions of your customers. Ask, “what do teens like about our app?” or “are customers interested in fashion?” Know the answers in seconds.

Inspire love and loyalty from the customers you want to reach

Marketing is equal parts art and science—it’s all about getting the right message to the right people. Your numbers tell you what resonates, and Viable’s analysis of your customer feedback helps you learn why it resonates, so you can craft campaigns that connect with people in ways that matter to them.

Easy integrate

Add an AI marketing assistant to your team’s Slack.

Instant customer insights in any conversationAsk @viable a question in Slack, and get an answer right away. Anyone in the channel has access to rich data about what your customers are saying.

Ready to know your customer like never before?