Product managers: learn what really works

Viable does the work of sorting, tagging, and analyzing for you, turning your qualitative feedback into insights you can use to keep dreaming up new ways to delight.


High quality customer data

Tap into existing sources of customer feedback to make better product roadmap decisions. Viable makes it easy and fast to analyze qualitative data from multiple sources.

Data sorted and scored

Natural language processing assigns sentiment scores to customer feedback, creating a rich data set that’s detailed, nuanced, and highly accurate. See the stories and trends with just a few clicks.

Ask your data a question with super-smart text mining

Get answers in seconds from text analytics that used to take weeks. Ask, “how do people feel about the new color scheme?” or “which features are frustrating?” Drill down in the data to find out what to prioritize.

Hear your customers loud and clear

Engineering, customer service, marketing, leadership—you listen to everyone’s needs, and find a way to bring it all together to drive product excellence. We know the feeling—that’s what we do too. Viable analyzes customer input across all your feedback channels, giving you powerful new tools for product validation and other crucial product decisions. In a way, it’s kind of like a product team for your product team.

Easy integrate

Add an AI UX Researcher to your team’s Slack.

Instant customer insightsAsk @viable a question in Slack, and get an answer right away. Anyone in the channel has access to customer insights directly from your qualitative data.

Ready to rock your roadmap?