It used to take hours to find insights in customer feedback.

Now it takes seconds.

Immediately find the answers in your help desk, customer survey, and live chat data. Powered by GPT-3, the world’s most advanced language model.


Collaborate in real time on Slack.

Customer Service, Marketing, and Product often have different ideas about customer needs. Definitive answers are an @ away, meaning you spend less time debating, and more time aligning.


Bring it all together, then ask it a question. Get a complete picture of what your customers are saying.

Feedback is spread across multiple channels, in multiple formats. Assembling it all to get the whole story is a job in itself. With Viable, the job is done. Your data’s all connected, with a super-smart AI to answer all your questions.

Structuring the Data

Sort, segment, search, and synthesize—automatically. Qualitative feedback auto-structured and auto-tagged.

Our powerful language model handles the hardest things about qualitative data—structuring it. It saves hours (if not days). Customer support teams can stop manually sorting and tagging.

Query your data

Ask questions about your customers in plain English. Ask what people think by talking how people talk.

Everything from “how do people feel about baking?” to “how many people mentioned sourdough?” You could even ask questions that aren’t about baking.

Get answers

Answers to tough questions, right away. Now no one has to read tickets for hours and hours.

Ask any question you have about your customers and we'll get you the best answer in seconds, backed up by real customer feedback. Spend more time understanding customers and building better products.