Know what drives your target customer.

Viable helps you unlock new insights about your customers and prospects—from the info you already collect.


Data from everywhere

No matter where your feedback comes from, Viable makes it all uniform, so you can analyze information from multiple sources in one search.

Find out what works, straight from your customers

Viable turns qualitative customer feedback into data you can use to segment and target better, find out exactly what resonates in your pitches, and optimize your outreach.

Ask your data a question with super-smart AI

Natural language processing analyzes all your customer feedback data to give you easy answers to tough questions. Ask, “are people who purchased on a follow-up call happier?” or “do IT managers like our sales demo?” Know the answers in seconds.

Maximize insights from your customer feedback

You send surveys, but there’s so much data in all your customer feedback channels—even emails and reviews. When Viable turns it all into one unified data format, you’re getting more out of each piece of feedback, so you can build a clearer and more accurate picture of who your customers are and what they want—faster than ever before, and with less back-and-forth.

Easy integrate

Add an AI assistant your team’s Slack.

Instant answers in any conversationAsk @viable a question in Slack, and get a detailed response right away. Anyone in the channel has access to rich data about what your customers are saying.

Ready to uncover the hidden sales insights in your customer feedback?